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Key Supporters

Former Treasurer Frank O’Leary
Clerk of Courts Paul Ferguson
County Board Chair Mary Hynes
Former Candidate Alan Howze
Former Delegate Bob Brink
Former Delegate Judy Connally
Former Senator, CB Member, SB Member Mary Margaret Whipple
Former US CTO Aneesh Chopra

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Why I Am Running

Why I Am RunningDear Friends,

I’m running for County Board because I will bring a new way of doing things – a new voice, and a new set of ears. John Vihstadt’s candidacy and campaign put all of Arlington on notice, not just Democrats, that there was a new way of thinking about solving the challenges facing Arlington. John’s message resonated with Independents, Republicans, and Democrats - even my parents supported him – and I can understand why. John’s candidacy brought into clear focus the challenges and deficiencies that voters felt with their current elected officials – a sense of being out of touch, a sense of not understanding a new fiscal reality, sandbox politics, and resistance to new ideas and new voices.

I will run a campaign that acknowledges the sentiment that November’s election tapped into while staying true to our Democratic values- equality, fairness, opportunity and inclusion. I don’t profess to have all the answers– but what I do know is that Arlington needs fewer answers from a select group of people, and more answers from voters and neighbors. As President of the Yorktown Civic Association, I’ve learned to seek the input from my neighbors about the issues affecting us. But I also believe that we must take a new look at how we approach issues county wide – for too long we have focused on one area or one corridor to the neglect of others – whether the issue is infrastructure improvements, school overcrowding, or transportation solutions like the streetcar.

My vision for Arlington holds true – an amazing place to live, work and start a family, and one that I am proud to call my hometown. In fact, my parents still live in the home that I grew up in. But it is time for a new generation in Arlington with a new set of realities, a new set of solutions, and a new generation of leaders. I believe that I can be part of this generational and attitudinal shift that will help us find new solutions in a new reality. I want to listen to you, the Arlington community, to come up with solutions that will benefit all of Arlington. I look forward to listening to you and earning your vote.



About Andrew


Andrew Schneider, 40, is a lifelong Arlingtonian and has lived in the Yorktown neighborhood since 2006 with his wife, Susan and children, Alan and Elizabeth, both students at Nottingham Elementary School. A 1993 graduate of Yorktown High School, Andrew has a deep connection to the Arlington community and has been fortunate to call Arlington his home and base to raise his family.

Andrew is a long-standing and active member of the community and has been a leader within community organizations and planning commissions, including:

  • President of the Yorktown Civic Association since 2010
  • Arlington Transportation Commission
  • George Mason Arlington Campus Advisory Commission
  • Current Vice Chair of the Board of Community Residences, a $30 million non-profit founded in Arlington that provides care for over 500 adults with disabilities
  • Current Public Affairs Chair of the Nottingham Elementary School PTA
  • Member of the 2014 Leadership Arlington’s inaugural 40 under 40
  • 2011 graduate of Leadership Arlington’s signature program
  • Former Treasurer of Overlee Pool where he remains an active member

Andrew got his professional start in politics working for Senator Bob Kerrey on Capitol Hill, serving in the Vice President’s Domestic Policy office during the Clinton Administration and working directly for Washington power lobbyist Tony Podesta.  More...

Andrew with Family
Andrew with Parents

Key Facts

Plus Years Lived in Arlington
Kids in Arlington Public Schools
One of Arlington's 40 Under 40
Year Andrew was Elected President of Yorktown Civic Association